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Complaints Policy and Procedure

Manchester Care and Repair (parent body to Trafford Care & Repair and Wigan Care & Repair) is committed to providing quality services that are responsive to our service users and acting with probity in all dealings with the public.

As part of our commitment to improving our services we seek and welcome views from all our customers and stakeholders. Our customers are people who use Care & Repair services themselves, who are the carers or family of people who use our services or who refer clients to Care & Repair in an employed or volunteer role. Stakeholders include staff and volunteers, contractors delivering works for Care & Repair customers, commissioners, funders and other local agencies

Our first aim is to give no cause for complaint, but our second aim is to ensure that we hear about any occasions when our service is not up to standard so that we can improve. In that context we welcome complaints that highlight any failings and will handle them promptly and fairly using a clear procedure.

To facilitate fair and prompt handling of complaints we will use and publicise this complaints policy and procedure and use a series of stages so that if a complainant is not satisfied with the response at any stage, they aware of the next stage.

Who can use the Complaints Procedure?

  1. Anyone who is dissatisfied with the service provided by Care and Repair to customers at any point in that service from first contacting Care & Repair to completion
  2. Someone representing the complainant.
  3. Contractors who work with Care and Repair
  4. Volunteers at Care & Repair

At all stages of the procedure we will take into account any special needs you have in expressing your complaint. You may ask a friend to assist you.

What issues are covered?
We are interested to hear complaints about any failure in the quality of our services.

How is the procedure Monitored?
The outcome of all complaints handled under stages 1 to 3 of the procedure are reported to the Trustee Board of Manchester Care & Repair.

Complaints Procedure

Expressing concern

As a first step we ask you to contact the member of staff who has been working with you and explain your concerns. They are able to put the matter right with immediate effect. If you are still concerned about the quality failure, you may still wish to instigate the complaints procedure.

If that person is unable to resolve your concern they will ask their manager to discuss the matter with you to see if they can bring about a resolution. We hope that in most cases this will address your concern. If you are still concerned about the quality failure, you may still wish to instigate the complaints procedure.

If you don’t know who to contact, please contact the Service Director for your Borough.
They will direct you to the best person to address your concern and guide you through the complaints procedure.

Stages in the Complaints Procedure

Stage 1
You can telephone, write or email your complaint to our Service Director who will either deal with it personally or nominate a manager to carry out the investigation. Your complaint will be acknowledged by letter or telephone, and within 14 days you will be sent a letter explaining the result of the investigation or, if the matter is more complex, we will let you know how the investigation is progressing and when you can expect an answer.
If your complaint is about a named manager a different senior manager will handle it. (If your complaint is about the Service Director then send it to the Chief Executive at the address below.)

Stage 2
If you are still not satisfied then our Chief Executive and Trustee Board will deal with your complaint, which should be addressed to Chair of Management Board and marked ‘Private and Confidential’, Unit 14 Empress Buildings, 380 Chester Road, Manchester, M16 9EA. The Chair will then appoint a Board member to investigate your complaint and to present their findings and recommendations to the Board at the next Board meeting. You will be sent an acknowledgement within 14 days of the Chair receiving your complaint, and you will be informed when the Board has made its decision.

Final Stage
If, having gone through the above stages you are still not satisfied you may write to Foundations, the government appointed national co-ordinating body for home improvement agencies. They can be contacted at Bleaklow House, Howard Town Mills, Glossop SK13 8HT or by telephone 01457 891909. If you are telephoning, ask for the regional officer for the North West area. Foundations might appoint someone else to investigate your complaint on their behalf.

Other ways to take up a complaint

  1. Local advice agencies: such as Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB’s) can offer you independent support and advice.
  2. Councillors: can also offer support and advice. However, they prefer to take on complaints after a complainant has followed up the complaint through the procedure of the organisation concerned.
  3. Other organisations: depending on the nature of the complaint, other organisations may help you, such as Housing or Social Services staff at the council, doctors or solicitors.
  4. Charity Commission: as a registered charity Manchester Care & Repair must abide by the regulations governing charities.

Manchester Care and Repair is committed to providing equal opportunities in employment, service delivery and Board representation.

Policy Review Date – April 2015 or to reflect changes in legislation or organisation

Further Information

If you would like any further information about Care & Repair and/or the services we offer, please either call 0161 872 5500 or fill out the below enquiry form and we will respond shortly.