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Environment Statement of Intent

Manchester Care & Repair is committed to contributing to the Climate Change action plan of the city. This commitment means that we aim to reduce and contain CO2 emissions, and increase understanding of climate change issues as well having a positive impact the sustainability of the communities in which we work.

As principal activity of the charity is to provide home repair services and advocacy support to older and vulnerable people we have opportunities to influence local residents and our own suppliers. We will use these opportunities sensitively and effectively, in particular we will incorporate environmental and wider sustainability issues as considerations in our procurement guidelines.

The organisation will comply with all relevant environmental legislation, as well as other requirements such as appropriate codes of practice. Our policy is to not only meet, but where practical, to exceed all relevant regulatory requirements and minimise any adverse environmental effects caused as a result of our activities. We will use the principals of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

We plan to increase our ability to assess the environmental impact of our current and planned operations so that we can focus our efforts. The impact we aim to have is:

  • minimising the use of materials and resources including reducing wastage to the lowest practical level
  • improving energy efficiency and reducing fuel use in our own buildings and supporting residents to do the same
  • keeping use of fossil fuels for transport to a minimum by planning journeys to minimise miles travelled, use of public transport

We plan to make all staff and volunteers aware of our environmental and sustainability policy and their contribution to tackling climate change by providing training and initiating staff discussions. We plan to build climate change actions into our work with communities.

Statement Review Date – March 2016

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