Statement of Quality Assurance

At Manchester Care & Rrepair, all our work processes, job descriptions and related instructions refer to the need to assess the client’s needs and that our aim is to tailor our service to client needs.
Our staff are trained and advised in gaining a true understanding of client needs across the diversity of our client group. This would include recognising whether a refusal of a part of our service is a genuine choice or is a reflection of uncertainties and fears e.g. regarding literacy, past experience with officials, poverty etc If it is the latter we train our staff in techniques to overcome these barriers.

We also aim to ensure that the service is consistent, timely, safe and well-suited to its purpose. This aim is met through the support our front-line staff are given through our line management structure. The line managers are all fully conversant with the duties of the team and give regular advice and support, as well as work planning that ensures safe practices. Staff training, discipline etc are all focussed on these issues, with training including an induction programme, annual training updates on key issues including safe working practices and training needs analysis at annual appraisals supported by at least quarterly supervisions. Where support plans are complex, case supervision is frequent.

All clients (whether for one-off handyperson type work or longer-term support) are strongly encouraged to give feedback on their experience of using our services. Client Satisfaction forms are left with, or sent to, every client (usually at the completion of a job) together with a Freepost envelope. Returned forms are scrutinised for any concern that requires immediate attention and we expect all teams to achieve extremely high levels of satisfaction displayed. Levels of good and excellent are regularly around 96% and results below 95% are thoroughly investigated and monitored.

We also require our managers to carry out telephone client surveys of a small sample to get a broader view of satisfaction and the aspects of our service that are most valued, or could be further developed. We are committed to continuous improvement and see client feedback as an essential element of this process.

We have a robust complaints procedure, which is regularly reviewed and updated. Concerns are dealt with as speedily as possible in an informal manner but clients are always made aware of the formal procedure and if needed, are helped through the process. The Director holds the complaints log and learning from complaints is a standing item for our senior management team meeting, with monitoring reported to the Board. The culture is to encourage the feedback that complaints represent.

For commissioners, Quality Assurance is provided in part by external assessment and validation by Foundations Quality Mark (specifically for HIAs), Investors In People, and Supporting People QAF. We carry out an internal audit (of policies, procedures and processes) annually.

We hold regular meetings with commissioners and other partnering agencies where quality issues, if arising, can be addressed. We encourage commissioners to carry out spot checks on a percentage of completed jobs and use their own customer satisfaction forms as this provides a useful additional quality check.

Statement Review Date – May 2015

Further Information

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