MC&R Seeking Customer Panel Members

Manchester Care & Repair is currently seeking customers to be a part of our upcoming customer panel meetings. The purpose of the Customer Panel is to help Care and Repair to learn from customers by discussing the ways in which Care & Repair can develop its services.

Customers are people who use Care & Repair services themselves, who are the carers or family of people who use our services or who refer clients to Care & Repair in an employed or volunteer role. Over the years, Care & Repair has used a number of methods to learn from the views of our customers:

  • We value the comments made on customer satisfaction surveys
  • We have invited service users to events and to “focus groups” on particular developments
  • It is the nature of our work that we meet our service users face-to-face in their homes, and many offer their views
  • Many years ago, a group called “Friends of Care & Repair” provided a customer involvement panel, we have had a client on the Board and in 2010 we issued a customer newsletter
  • We appreciate the letters of thanks and the occasional complaints and learn from them
  • Our web-site invites comments

In summer 2011 we decided to talk to our customers about what more we could do.  The customers in our customer involvement steering group decided that it is important to talk with customers as a group, but that the groups should be people from a similar geographical area so that the issues are alike. They suggested that each meeting have a theme and suggested two main themes for first meetings, how Care & Repair gets feedback from service users and how Care & Repair promotes its services. The views from customer panels will be reported to the Board who manage Care & Repair.

Some of the customers we consulted offered to become volunteer Community Promotion Ambassadors for Care & Repair. They give out leaflets and put up posters in their local area.

We are now planning our first customer panel meetings and we welcome offers from customers to join the customer panel.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Eleanor Massey on 0161 874 1659 or e-mail


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  1. June R Artiguuez says:

    I have been with C/R for many years, So I would ,perhaps, Like to be considered As a Volunteer. Regards June R Artiguez…